About Author


Born and raised in Accra, Ghana and now living in Cincinnati, Ohio. A banker, wife and mother of two amazing kids. She finds writing to be a great passion of hers and a path she was born to follow. She began by writing short stories at a young age. Now, she has four published books and working on a few more projects. She’s a crazy tea lover, loves to travel, eat, and enjoys learning about different cultures. Authors she is inspired by are Sidney Sheldon, Nora Roberts and Jeffrey Archer. Hope you enjoy her books as greatly as she enjoyed producing them.

“Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself. Keep fighting for your dreams!” ~ Gabby Douglas

Books by Frances Paul
Life Intertwined: A Moretti Crime Family Novel Book 1
Unraveled: A Moretti Crime Family Novel Book 2
Clandestine Affaire
Sea of Scars