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A Moretti Crime Family two part series has been knocked down to 99c each from November 6th until November 13th. Take advantage of this offer before it ends.

Life Intertwined (Book 1)

a classic story of a good girl gone bad. A conservative Civil Engineering student from Central America travels abroad to complete her studies, she encounters a new world, the underworld, when she falls madly in love with a prominent young man from a wealthy crime family. Kennedy soon discovers how impenetrable Tristan is. His standoffish nature makes it hard to love such a man. But this does not stop the conventional beauty from fighting for what she desires, albeit discovering underneath his charm and wealth lays a very dark and dangerous world.

Unraveled (Book 2)

Tristan finally inherited what he alleged was rightfully his. It came at a very high cost. The loss of a loved one changed him drastically. He believed the family had seen its last days of violence after he had his revenge against an enemy who lived to destroy the Morettis, but what he did not know was his darker days were before him.
Kennedy secured her future as Tristan’s wife amidst all her insecurities and reservations. She convinced herself it was for the greater good. When she least expected, the return of her nemesis shook the foundation she laid. Will Kennedy and Tristan’s love be strong enough to survive the hurdles? Find out in this astounding tale of despair, love and hope.

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