Novel ~ ‘Unraveled’ by Frances Paul is Out now!!


I rushed into his arms the moment the service left us. I ran my hands through his hair; touched his face, and searched for any indication of doubt.
I looked intensely into his eyes “We are doing this?”
“We are doing this!” He kissed me.
“I love you, Tristan Moretti.”
“I love you, Kennedy Moretti.”

After persistently fighting to unravel herself from his tangled web of mystery, Kennedy decided to roll the dice on love. Following several failed relationships, she finally met and married the man of her imaginings. Her life-changing story of love and hope, proved to be a challenge as their past held their future captive.
Tristan had always known who he was and what he expected to accomplish. He achieved his goal but at a very high cost. The pressures of running a business empire began to take its toll on him. No matter how far he run from the past, it managed to drag him back in. He once more had to carry the family on his back. With his woman by his side, there was no stopping him but will their love be enough to sustain them? Will they survive the pressures power conveys? Follow Kennedy and Tristan on their journey through their union and the realities of being married to the underworld.

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